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Nikolaus Weichselbaumer
Nikolaus Weichselbaumer

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Maria Alessandra Panzanelli Fratoni
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Workshop: Circulation and Organization of Normative Knowledge in Early Modern Times

  • Datum: 30.01.2018
  • Uhrzeit: 14:30 - 18:00
  • Vortragender: Nikolaus Weichselbaumer & Alessandra Panzanelli Fratoni
  • Organisation: Manuela Bragagnolo
  • Ort: MPIeR
  • Raum: Z 01

The attention paid by legal historians to the materiality of legal books is relatively recent. With few exceptions, such as legal bibliography, the ‘methodological thunderstorm’ in book studies related to new horizons in the history of reading, the history of audiences, the social history of education and the history of the media—to name but a few—has barely penetrated legal history so far.

Aiming to connect legal historians and scholars in the history of books, this workshop focuses on the organisation and circulation of normative knowledge in early modern times. We will discuss the impact of the printing press on both the organisation and circulation of legal knowledge, looking at the new perspectives that can be opened by intertwining the study of the materiality of legal books and digital humanities.

Bild: Hornschuch, Hieronymus, Orthotypographia; Leipzig 1634; SLUB Dresden;

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