Depósito (DCH) (Deposit (DCH))

No. 2020-03

This article addresses the deposit as a contractual legal form of ecclesiastical goods. Based on a definition of deposit, what its legal and theological value is in the context of Hispanic America and the Philippines, the text follows on the types of deposit stricto sensu and sequestration, which things could be deposited and those that could make and receive the deposit. Based on relevant doctrine of the time, the text focuses on the obligations between the depositor and the depositary, how they are reflected in questions of guilt and fortuitous events, which specific actions are mentioned, as well as, in cases of disaster, what would be the priorities of the depositor and the depositary. It highlights the different qualities of encomenderos and depositarios generales presented in some of the canonical doctrine between the royal offices of encomenderos and depositarios generales, described in the legal sources as activities involving the deposit of goods in the Indies. At the end, it makes a brief historiographical balance, indicating possible guidelines for further research.

The document is in Spanish.

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