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Prof. Michele Graziadei
Prof. Michele Graziadei

Università degli Studi di Torino

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Meet the Author - Michele Graziadei

  • Date: Aug 29, 2018
  • Time: 14:00 - 16:00
  • Speaker: Professor Michele Graziadei, University of Torin
  • Location: MPIeR
  • Room: Z 01

Michele Graziadei is Professor of Comparative Private Law at the University of Turin and a leading authority on the issue of ‘legal transplants’.

He is the author of the corresponding chapter in the Oxford Handbook of Comparative Law.

We will discuss together with Professor Graziadei the manuscript of his revised and updated chapter in the forthcoming second edition of the Handbook.

Image Source: Max Planck Institute for Social Anthropology

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