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Dr. Osvaldo Rodolfo Moutin
Osvaldo Rodolfo Moutin
Phone: +49 (69) 789 78 - 150

Research Project | Department II

Salamanca in America

The School of Salamanca is interesting for legal historical research traditionally speaking above all due to its contribution to the systematic thinking and legal dogmatics, therefore, as part of the history of science. And for this reason as well, it appears as an Iberian and increasingly European phenomenon. In the research project, “Salamanca in America”, the complimentary perspectives should be mentioned: the practical dimension of the school; its place in a history of legal rulings; its function in the expansion of taught practices, especially a challenging and the “casuistry”, which does not readily fit into the history of system formation. With regard to these dimensions, the School of Salamanca no longer appears to be a purely European phenomenon, but rather a network stretching across continents.

The project was developed in 2014, the preliminary work for which was part of a dissertation written by Osvaldo Moutin and conducted within the framework of the LOEWE-research focus. At the 40th Deutsch Rechtshistorikertag in Tübingen in September of 2014, Thomas Duve gave a presentation reflecting on the presence of Salamana in American, which has since been publish in the 132 edition of the ZRG GA.

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