Research Profile

Research projects at the Institute are organised into Research Focus Areas and Special Research Fields.


Legal Historiography Sources Multinormativity Translation Legal Spaces Conflict Regulation The History of Criminal Law, Crime and Criminal Justice in Europe The Legal History of Ibero-America Law as a Civilising Factor in the First Millennium History of Private Law The Legal History of the Church Law and Diversity – Perspectives from Legal History The Legal History of the School of Salamanca The History of Legal Methods and Practices Regulatory Regimes Legal Transfer in the World of Common Law Legal History of the European Union Governance of the Universal Church after the Council of Trent Research Profile_2016

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Special Research Fields consist of several research projects focusing on a particular period or theme, and the goals are to profit from disciplinary concentration and to integrate the research projects into the relevant specialist discourses. They are organisationally open to research projects both situated in one of the respective departments or the independent research groups. All projects at the Institute are part of at least one Special Research Field, and many opt to partake in several.

The four Research Focus Areas refer to common research questions that are formulated, theoretically interrogated and developed in consultation with the historical and empirical work of the individual projects at the Institute. They are deliberately not restricted to particular regions or periods – quite the contrary. The Research Focus Areas are the primary vehicles for discussion between the Departments and to connect with pivotal research programmes in the humanities, law and social science.

New ideas and Special Research Fields are developed in the Project Lab for potential future adoption in the research profile. Completed research projects and resulting publications are archived in the Institute’s activity reports, which are also available online. They remain in so-called Areas of Expertise as long as the attendant expertise is present at the Institute.

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