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Prof. Dr. Barbara Dölemeyer
Prof. Dr. Barbara Dölemeyer
Dr. Heinz Mohnhaupt
Heinz Mohnhaupt
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History of Private Law in the Modern Era


As part of one of the first central research projects undertaken by the MPIeR in the field of private law, during the period from 1973-1988 eight volumes of the “Handbuch der Quellen und Literatur zur neueren europäischen Privatrechtsgeschichte” (Handbook of sources and literature on the modern history of European private law) were published covering the period from the Middle Ages to the beginning of the 20th century. However, these volumes constitute far more than an index and treatment of sources and literature, for they also provide an introduction to the institutions of private law as they are described in European legal history sources. Participation in this Institute project provided the impetus for many of the authors to embark on further research.

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