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"Gute Policey": Administrative Law and the Science of Public Affairs

Günther Heinrich von Berg, Handbuch des Teutschen Policeyrechts, 7 Tle., Hannover 1802-1809 Zoom Image
Günther Heinrich von Berg, Handbuch des Teutschen Policeyrechts, 7 Tle., Hannover 1802-1809

From the 15th century onwards virtually all European states, territories and cities enacted a growing number of so called police ordinances (Policeygesetze/Policeyordnungen) aiming at the internal order and the "well ordered police state". These new type of administrative law covered a variety of subject matters in the wide area of public order and administration, regulated society and the economy and attempted to impose social control and discipline. The project "Repertorium der Policeyordnungen" rendered not only these legal sources accessible, but facilitated and stimulated extensive research in the field of administrative law and the science of public affairs (Policeywissenschaft). Particular projects focused on the European and social dimensions of "gute Policey", the enforcement of police norms especially by means of criminal justice, as well as on the history of theoretical discourses, jurisprudence, and the political sciences dealing with the concept of "gute Policey". Furthermore, case studies analysed important subject matters (sumptuousness and luxury, poor relief and vagrants, or public health and commerce) as well as particular states and cities with regard to legislation, implementation and administrative action in the area of "gute Policey".


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