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Prof. Dr. Barbara Dölemeyer
Prof. Dr. Barbara Dölemeyer
Prof. Dr. Karl Härter
Karl Härter

Phone: +49 (69) 789 78 - 160
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Univ.-Prof. Dr. Miloš Vec
(since 10/2012)

Universität Wien


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Area of Expertise

Communication and Representation of Law in (Pictorial) Media

Iustitia at Old City Hall in Poznań Zoom Image
Iustitia at Old City Hall in Poznań

Media and images can serve the law in widely varying ways. They act as a source for legal historians and provide an aide-mémoire in the teaching of the law. In legal practice they help to identify offenders and expose their subject to the public eye. Individual projects at the MPIeR have investigated the diverse potential uses of pictorial images in a legal context. The results demonstrate that law has, at no time, been exclusively confined to the written word. The huge importance of pictorial images in the communication of law has been researched in three central areas: In the field of legal history itself, in jurisprudence (teaching) and in legal practice (crime prevention and the courts).

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