Prof. Dr. Caspar Ehlers
Caspar Ehlers
Group Leader

Phone: +49 (69) 789 78 - 163

Carola Schurzmann
Carola Schurzmann
Head of Administration, Head of Service Facilities

Phone: +49 (69) 789 78 - 103
Fax: +49 (69) 789 78 - 211


Friends and Supporters

The association of friends of the Institute, the Freunde des Frankfurter Max-Planck-Instituts für europäische Rechtsgeschichte e.V., is dedicated to the intellectual and material promotion of science and research at the Max Planck Institute for European Legal History (MPIeR).

The association aims to bring the research work being done in the field of European legal history to a wider, non-technical audience and is keen to invite interested parties in all fields to come and acquaint themselves with this research. To this end the association offers presentations of the principal projects and research areas addressed by the Max Planck Institute.

In the process the association also wishes to strengthen the position of the humanities in general, which lack a powerful lobby of their own, both in the eyes of the public and in the scientific sphere. The perhaps less prominent, not immediately "useful" disciplines such as legal history are in particular need of such support. The association draws attention to the significance of this work for the individual and the public at large.

Naturally the association is keen to recruit additional friends of legal history. An invitation to join the association is extended to legal historians, historians in general, legal practitioners and lay persons with an interest in history, representatives of other disciplines with an interest in culture, and those who love books and appreciate all of the other media through which knowledge is shared. A special invitation is extended to students who would like to know how the law came to be, why it is what it is and what part it plays in the organization of state and society. Welcome too are all of those who have shared or continue to share in the fortunes of the MPIeR as a European center for the history of law.

The association offers:

  • Information on the status of research into European legal history in all its facets
  • Information on the latest publications by the MPIeR
  • Use of the library
  • Invitations to presentations at the MPIeR
  • Conversation and discussion between science and the public
  • Cultural exchanges: The annual meeting which includes a topical presentation and a reception provides an ideal opportunity to meet and converse with like-minded individuals.

The association cordially invites you to join the "Freunde des Frankfurter Max-Planck-Instituts für europäische Rechtsgeschichte e.V."

The membership fee is € 36.00 for individuals (students € 18.00) or € 100.00 for corporate members.

Management board

  • Prof. Dr. Caspar Ehlers (Chair)
  • RA Rainer Wicke (Deputy Chair)
  • Carola Schurzmann (Treasurer)
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