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Prof. Dr. Karl Härter
Karl Härter

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Dr. Sigrid Amedick
Sigrid Amedick
Head of Library

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Digital Library

The Virtual Reichsrecht (Imperial Law) Reading Room

The Virtual Reichsrecht (Imperial Law) Reading Room

The Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation, which survived until 1806, may be described as a supra-national European legal and constitutional system that encompassed the territories of thirteen of today’s EU member states. It produced a vast corpus of legal sources ranging from “Reichsgesetze” or Imperial laws through to European treaties. A complete contemporary or indeed modern collection of the law or enacted legislation of the Holy Roman Empire has never been successfully compiled. Its legal sources are therefore scattered among a vast number of publications that are in turn to be found in diverse European libraries and archives. The "Virtueller Raum Reichsrecht" presents some important and rare collections and legal texts.

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