Room: Seminar room of the MPI

Seminar: The British Empire’s Regulation of Same-Sex Sexualities and Gender Diversity: Developing Analysis through Global Historical Sociology

Common Law Research Seminar

Seminar: American States of Nature The Origins of Independence, 1761-1775

Common Law Research Seminar

Seminar: Master and Servant Regulations and Labour Laws in the Post-Emancipation British West Indies

Common Law Research Seminar

Seminar: Transferring offer, acceptance and revocation to British Guiana

Common Law Research Seminar

Colloquium: Colonial Visual Knowledge: photography as a source to study colonialism in Africa


Seminar: The Meaning of Territory in British Empire Border Disputes

Common Law Research Seminar

Seminar: "Colonial Lives of Property: Law, Land, and Racial Regimes of Ownership"


Roundtable: Uma rodada de conversação científica em homenagem a António Manuel Hespanha


Seminar: The Use of Bills of Exchange in 18th Century Glasgow

Common Law Research Seminar

Workshop on Methods and Sources: Glocalising Normativities

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