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Kolloquium: The Emergence of Scholastic Probabilism in a Global Perspective

20143 1567144741

Max Planck Legal History Quarterly Forum: Herramientas metodológicas y preguntas histórico-jurídicas

Max Planck Legal History Quarterly Forum
19453 1563276843

Workshop on Methods and Sources: Glocalising Normativities

19534 1563792267

Workshop: "The Global Face of the School of Salamanca: Asian and American perspectives"

19273 1562744326

Max Planck Summer Academy for Legal History 2019

Summer Academy 2019
  • Beginn: 05.08.2019
  • Ende: 16.08.2019
  • This year’s theme: Law in text and context
  • Ort: MPIeR
  • Gastgeber: MPIeR
18010 1559133216

Seminar: The Mandatory Sentence of Death in Barbados

19002 1560446136

Workshop Law and Textuality: Crossing Perspectives between Book History and Legal History

17734 1550227212

Jour Fixe: Illegal under the laws of all nations? The courts of Haiti and the suppression of the Atlantic trade in African captives

Jour Fixe
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