MPIeR Colloquium  Theme for 2019/2020: ‘Methods for Legal History’

MPIeR Colloquium
Theme for 2019/2020: ‘Methods for Legal History’

The MPIeR’s monthly Colloquium is intended as a forum for all researchers at the Institute to discuss conceptual questions, methods and current debates in legal history. It provides a space for mutual exchange and the cross-fertilisation of ideas across departmental boundaries, but also serves as an opportunity for researchers to identify their own position within disciplinary and wider scholarly trends and debates. Finally, one of its key purposes is the development of a common frame of reference for discussions among the researchers of the Institute.

The Colloquium’s theme for the academic year 2019/2020 is ‘Methods for Legal History’. Mainly external researchers are invited to speak on a methodological question or debate in legal history from the perspective of their area of research. The key question of this year’s Colloquium is how research in legal history can be linked to themes, methods and perspectives from other (historical sub-) disciplines. What overlap or common interests does legal history share with other disciplines, and what methodological problems distinguish it from other fields? To facilitate in-depth discussion after their 45-minute presentation, speakers are asked to circulate a relevant text (paper / book chapter) by themselves or another author in advance. Discussion will start with with a brief comment on the text by one member of the Institute.
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