Instrumentos (DCH) (Instruments (DCH))

No. 2020-18

The article analyses legal instruments from a multiple perspective. Starting from the definition of what a legal instrument is, their public and private reality and their condition of written evidence, we examine who makes them, that is, their producing agent. The text immerses itself in the scribal profession, its regulations, organisation and exercise structure, in order to examine the characters, formation and qualities of who makes the instruments. From this point, we describe the process by which they were created, and review all the physical and formal aspects and signs, including writing procedures, stamped paper, fees, customs duties, and rubrics. All of this preserves and protects the instruments data, as well as provides them attestation. In conclusion, we can understand legal instruments as those scriptures that, grounded in their evidential condition and attestation, guarantee and preserve truth, memories and transcendence of grantors' and Kingdom's affairs.

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