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Christopher Clark
Christopher Clark

St. Catharine's College

Doctoral Seminar

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Doctoral seminar: "Rechtsstaat und Unrechtsstaat"

  • Date: Oct 17, 2018
  • Time: 17:00 - 19:00
  • Speaker: Christopher Clark
  • Attendees: Thomas Clausen (Cambridge), Marcus Colla (Cambridge), Oliver Haardt (Cambridge), Thorben Klünder (MPIeR), Christoph Resch (MPIeR), Eirik Roesvik(Cambridge), Phillip Schmitt (MPIeR) Anika Seemann(Cambridge), Leonard Wolckenhaar (MPIeR)
  • Location: MPIeR
  • Room: Z02

The seminar "Rechtsstaat und Unrechtsstaat" will be held by Professor Sir Christopher Clark (St. Cathararine’s College, Cambridge) who is currently visiting our Institute and will give the Rechtshistorische Abendgespräch on 17 October and some of his students.

All participants are asked to present themselves and their research subject before discussing the overall subject and its relation to their respective research subject. Two texts by Michael Stolleis, one of them still unpublished, will be discussed.

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