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Colloquium on the History of Transnational Criminal Law and Political Violence

  • Datum: 23.08.2018
  • Uhrzeit: 11:00 - 16:00
  • Organisation: Valeria Vegh Weis, Karl Härter
  • Ort: MPIeR
  • Raum: Z02

In the colloquium, organized by Valeria Vegh Weis and Karl Härter, researcher, guests and doctoral students present papers from their recent research projects dealing with the history of transnational criminal law and political violence in the nineteenth and twentieth century. The contributions by Karl Härter, Raquel Sirotti, Valeria Vegh Weis, Johanna Nickels, Taxiarchis Fiskatoris and Wolfgang Form discuss general conceptual issues of trans- and international criminal law, crime and criminal justice and present comparative case studies on political protests and transnational crimes in Latin America (Brazil and Argentina) and the coding of criminal law in France and Germany.


Bild: Die Ermordung der österreichischen Kaiserin Elisabeth in Genf, „Le Petit Parisien“, 25. September 1898

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