Jour Fixe at the Max Planck Institute for European Legal History

For its monthly Jour Fixe, the MPIeR invites its visiting researchers as well as external speakers to present their recent research and to discuss it with all researchers at the Institute.

The speakers are asked to relate particular aspects and results of their work to one of the four Research Focus Areas in a 20-minute presentation. They should discuss how the approach of the Focus Area changes or broadens the perspective on their own research topic. An MPIeR researcher who is involved in that area will open the subsequent discussion with a short commentary of 5-10 minutes. The format of the event is designed to foster reflection on the overarching theoretical research questions formulated in the Research Focus Areas and to refine them in light of the presenters’ historical and empirical work.

In order to encourage interdisciplinary and international dialogue at the Institute, the speakers are requested to send an abstract in English (ca. 1 page) at least 10 days prior to the presentation. The abstract serves not only to help prepare the commentary, but will also be distributed to all participants in advance to facilitate discussion across language barriers.

For further information on the Research Focus Areas Multinormativity, Translation, Legal Spaces and Conflict Regulation, please see this page.

The speakers are selected by invitation of the Directors.

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