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Prof. Dr. Caspar Ehlers
Caspar Ehlers
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Publication series Die deutschen Königspfalzen


Research Project | Department I/II

A Survey (Repertorium) of the German Royal Palaces

The German Royal Palaces: A Catalogue of the Royal Palaces, Royal Courts and other Places of Residence of the Medieval German Kings

The systematic research on the royal palaces (palatia) was initially connected to the Max Planck Institute for History at Göttingen (1956–2006). Wilhelm Berges (1909–1978) and Walter Schlesinger (1908–1984) originally planned the long-term project, which was then picked up Hermann Heimpel († 1988), founding director of the Institute (1957-1971), to become part of his research program. His successors, Josef Fleckenstein (1971-1990, † 2004) and Otto Gerhard Oexle (1990-2004), as the directors of the Institute continued with to the project. The editors have included Thomas Zotz (until 1983), Lutz Fenske (until 2004, † 2006) and Caspar Ehlers (until 2006). After the institute closed its doors in 2006, Caspar Ehlers moved to the Max Planck Institute for European Legal History at Frankfurt/Main. This move meant that the new Institute became the caretaker of  the Königspfalzen project and included it among its research endeavors, and has by supported by the directors Thomas Duve (since 2010) and Stefan Vogenauer (since 2015).

The new working method is characterized by the cooperation with local scientific institutions within the federal states (Bundesländer) and the editorial work shared amongst the local editorial departments.

Up till now, the volume “Thuringia” has been completed, the volumes “Hesse” and “Lower Saxony” have already published the initial results, and the federal state “Baden-Württemberg” will appear in two volumes by the end of 2016. In cooperation with the “Kommission für bayerische Landesgeschichte bei der Bayerischen Akademie der Wissenschaften“, the volume on the Bavarian region ”Bayerisch-Schwaben“ has been completed in 2016, the other two volumes on “Old Bavaria” and “Franconia” are being prepared by the Julius-Maximilians University at Wurzburg (Helmut Flachenecker and Katharina Kemmer). Furthermore, the volume on “Westphalia”, a joint venture with the “Institut für vergleichende Städtegeschichte” at Münster/Westf. and the “Landschaftsverband Westfalen-Lippe”, is currently in progress and flourishing.

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