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Research Project | Department II

Historical Perspectives on Legal Responses to Political Crime and "Terrorism" in Europe

<strong>Titelkupfer:</strong> Warhafftige und ausf&uuml;hrliche Relation, Wie die Ungarischen Rebellen Zu Wien in Oesterreich/ Als auch Zur Wienischen Neu-Stadt Und zu Pre&szlig;burg Am 30. Aprilis Anno 1671. Zur verdienten Straffe gezogen worden. Zoom Image
Titelkupfer: Warhafftige und ausführliche Relation, Wie die Ungarischen Rebellen Zu Wien in Oesterreich/ Als auch Zur Wienischen Neu-Stadt Und zu Preßburg Am 30. Aprilis Anno 1671. Zur verdienten Straffe gezogen worden. [less]

In a comparative perspective, the research project examines the historically changing, normative definitions of political crimes, the states’ punitive and preventive security measures as well as the discourses in both scholarly publications and popular media accompanying these measures. Using a variety of sources, such as illustrated broadsheets, pamphlets, and court records, the crimes of revolt/sedition, treason, crimen laesae maiestatis, and assassinations are in the centre of our research interest. Whether or not the history of modern ‘terrorism’ can be traced back already to the early modern era and if similar patterns of legal responses and security measures can be found, mark some of the main questions of this endeavour. Efficiency and impact of those legal responses, esp. of punitive measures, are under scrutiny and will be compared to other highly influential societal processes, esp. the dealing with political crimes as acts of ‘terrorism’ in popular media. In this regard, already in pre-modern Europe, interdependencies can be found between legal responses and societal discourses which – as “indirect social costs” – also have had a share in processes of labelling, in restricting rights, and in stoking the fear of crime.


Karl Härter, "Images of Dishonoured Rebels and Infamous Revolts: Political Crime, Shaming Punishments and Defamation in the Early Modern Pictorial Media", in Images of Shame: Infamy, Defamation and the Ethics of Oeconomia, edited by Carolin Behrmann (de Gruyter, Berlin, 2016), pp. 75-101.
Karl Härter, Tina Hannappel, Jean Conrad Tyrichter, and Thomas Walter, "Terrorismus für die Rechtsgeschichte? Neuerscheinungen zur Geschichte politischer Gewalt im 19. und 20. Jahrhundert", in Rechtsgeschichte - Legal History Rg, (2014), Vol. 22, pp. 374-385.
Karl Härter, "Political crime in early modern Europe: Assassination, legal responses and popular print media," European journal of criminology: the journal of the European Society of Criminology 11, 142-168 (2014).
Karl Härter, "Early Modern Revolts as Political Crimes in the Popular Media of Illustrated Broadsheets", in From Mutual Observation to Propaganda War. Premodern Revolts in Their Transnational Representations, edited by Malte Griesse (Transcript, Bielefeld, 2014), pp. 309-350.
Karl Härter (ed) and Angela De Benedictis (ed), "Revolten und politische Verbrechen zwischen dem 12. und 19. Jahrhundert. Rechtliche Reaktionen und juristisch-politische Diskurse = Revolts and Political Crime from the 12th to the 19th Century. Legal Responses and Juridical-Political Discourses", in Studien zur europäischen Rechtsgeschichte, (2013), Vol. 285, pp. X, 477.
Karl Härter (ed) and Beatrice de Graaf (ed), "Vom Majestätsverbrechen zum Terrorismus. Politische Kriminalität, Recht, Justiz und Polizei zwischen Früher Neuzeit und 20. Jahrhundert", in Studien zur europäischen Rechtsgeschichte, (2012), Vol. 268, pp. VI, 424.


Workshop ”Violent political conflicts and legal responses: a transatlantic perspective (18th to early 19th century)“

Beginning: Oct. 21, 2015
End: Oct. 23, 2015
Host and place: Lecture Hall, MPIeR (Frankfurt a.M.)


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