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Prof. Dr. Caspar Ehlers
Caspar Ehlers
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Research Project | Department I/II

Constituting Legal Spaces in the Middle Ages

A Project for a Transdisciplinary and International Dictionary

Proceeding from the observation that a connection seems to be given between law and space since the very beginnings of the written specification of norms, the research project “Establishment of Legal Spaces in the Middle Ages” is dedicated to the question concerning the dynamic processes behind these relations. The theoretical account should be open as much as possible to interdisciplinary approaches as well as a wide range of sources.

Here special attention should be paid to the processes of transferring already established orders from one space into another. In the course of such transfers, the set of norms in both areas are usually  modified: Not only the target space experiences a transformation of norms but also the transferring society via the process of integration.

Based on the results of our own research concerning the Early Middle Ages and other comparative projects at the Max Planck Institute for European Legal History, methods shall be developed to describe processes of norm transfers not only via a diachronic comparison but also from an European, if not global, interdisciplinary perspective aimed at the recognition of commonalities within the processes of integration.

To fulfill these interdisciplinary and international demands accompanying the research on the establishment of legal spaces, it is necessary to compile a dictionary capable of assisting in the construction of a common terminology of the sciences involved in this enterprise.

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