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Book Review (1)

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    Kunstreich, J.: Der Gemischtwarenladen des Europäischen Gesellschaftsrechts in den Niederlanden und Flandern [Rezension von: Bram Van Hofstraeten, Wim Decock (Hg.), Companies and Company Law in Late Medieval and Early Modern Europe, Leuven: Peeters 2016]. Rechtsgeschichte - Legal History Rg 25, pp. 342 - 341 (2017)

Contribution to a Collected Edition (1)

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    Kunstreich, J.: Bankruptcy Laws as Standortpolitik - The Case of Hamburg 1850 to 1870. In: Dealing with Economic Failure: Between Norm and Practice (15th to 21st Century), pp. 193 - 214 (Eds. Cordes, A.; Schulte Beerbühl, M.). Peter Lang Edition, Frankfurt am Main (2016)
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