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Introducing: Michele McArdle Stephens

August 11, 2017
Michele McArdle Stephens is a Visiting Researcher from the West Virginia University in Morgantown, West Virginia/USA. She has been at the MPIeR since July and will stay until the end of September. [more]
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Constitutional Hi-stories

July 24, 2017
Three New Volumes by Michael Stolleis [more]
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New Publication: GPLH 9 Außergerichtliche Konfliktlösung in der Antike
(»Extrajudicial Conflict Resolution in Antiquity«)

July 14, 2017
The latest volume of our series Global Perspectives on Legal History has just been released: Guido Pfeifer, Nadine Grotkamp, Außergerichtliche Konfliktlösung in der Antike. Beispiele aus drei Jahrtausenden (»Extrajudicial Conflict Resolution in Antiquity: Examples from Three Millennia«). [more]
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Introducing: Stefan Cristian Ionescu

July 11, 2017
Stefan Cristian Ionescu is currently a Visiting Researcher at the MPIeR. He has been at the Institute since April and will stay until the end of September. [more]
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