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Library closed on tuesday, 28.02.2017

The library will be closed on tuesday, 28.02.2017. The OPAC will not be available as well.

Catalogue information

Catalogue information

All books and journals, CD-ROMs, microforms, the dissertation collections and the collection of Medieval manuscripts on microfilm are listed in our webOPAC online catalogue.

Only those titles acquired since around 1990 are indexed by keywords. Books included in legacy archives are generally not indexed by keyword.

Since 2004 the tables of contents of all newly acquired collected volumes have been scanned and can be searched in the webOPAC catalogue via the "Table of contents" search option. Further details are available here.

Medieval manuscripts on microfilm can be searched via the “Title” search option. It is necessary to supply a title by specifying the library to which they belong and that library’s shelfmark, for example "[Filmed manuscript:] München, Bayerische Staatsbibliothek, Clm 24164". For part of the manuscript collection (approx. 400), the catalogue also includes a description of their contents that can be searched via the "Manuscript contents" option. Further details are available here.

Lists of new acquisitions in the preceding six weeks can be accessed via the webOPAC homepage.

webOPAC search options

Our webOPAC online catalogue offers you the following search options:

Freie Suche / Free search:
Search all searchable fields in the database. The search terms entered may be drawn from various parts of the database.

Autor/Hrsg. / Author/editor:
Search by author, editor or other persons.

Titel-Stichwort / Title keyword:
Search by words in titles, subtitles, parallel, applied and uniform titles.

Titel komplett / Full title:
Enter the full title of a work inc. leading article, prepositions, etc.. Useful particularly when searching for very short titles, e.g. of journals such as "Rechtsgeschichte" or "Der Staat".

Schlagwort / Keyword:
Keywords describe the contents of a book using a controlled vocabulary in German. In order to search for combinations of keywords, each word being searched must be entered in a separate "Schlagwort" search box.
Please note that only titles acquired since around 1990 can be searched by keyword. Likewise books included in legacy archives are generally not indexed by keyword.

Inhaltsverzeichnis / Table of contents:
Search for items in collective works such as commemorative and conference publications (not in journals). Please note that only volumes acquired by the MPIeR since 2004 can be searched in this way. Further details are available here.

Signatur / Shelfmark:
Shelfmark of a work in the MPIeR Library. Part-shelfmarks can be searched by entering a truncated version, for example Dt 23 k*.

Körperschaft / Body or organization:
Search for works published by an organization (e.g. local authority, company, academy, association).

Erscheinungsort / Place of publication:
The "Erscheinungsort" should be used only to restrict the results of searches.

Verlag / Publishing house:
The "Verlag" should be used only to restrict the results of searches.

Erscheinungsjahr / Year of publication:
The "Erscheinungsjahr" should be used only to restrict the results of searches. The year can be entered in the following forms: Year (= exact year) >Year (= Works published in or after ...)

Serientitel / Series title:
Search for words in series titles.

Search for books or journals by their ISBN / ISSN; entries must include hyphens (e.g. 3-518-28755-9 or 1619-4993).

Search for journals or serial publications with a known ZDB journal database ID number.

Woche / Week:
Search for works acquired by the MPIeR in a specific week. Syntax: Calendar week(two digits)-Year(two digits), e.g. the first calendar week of 1999 = 01-99.

Herkunft Respondent / Origin of respondent:
For titles included in the Institute’s collection of early modern dissertations, the place of origin of respondents can be entered as a search term.

Notation / Notation:
Only titles included in the Institute’s collection of early modern dissertations are provided with a notation. A list of the notations used is available here.

Inhalt Handschrift / Manuscript contents:
Descriptions of the contents of microfilm copies of Medieval manuscript works on Roman and canon law. Further details are available here.

Additional search options

The following additional options are available to restrict your search:

Jahrhundert / Century:
Search for works published in a specific century, of which the MPI possesses an original copy or reprint or later edition.

Sprache / Language:
A list of the language variants and their abbreviations is available here.

Technical notes

  • In order to use the webOPAC online catalogue, JavaScript must be activated in your browser.
  • Your browser must also accept cookies and pop-ups from the webOPAC server at
  • Port 8080 in your organization’s / service provider’s firewall must be activated.
  • Opera browsers use a non-compatible JavaScript and are therefore not supported.

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